About Sammy's Breakfast Bar

Sammy's Breakfast Bar - Fort Collins, CO

Sammy’s Breakfast Bar strives to serve the community with quality ingredients made from scratch, stellar service, and a welcoming atmosphere. Great food and excellent Bloody Marys for breakfast or lunch.

And if you look carefully you will find at Sammy's wisdom here and there...even in thin air.

Being different - If you take a moment we can tell you our culture is a reflection of endless possibilities if you think differently.

Ron (Elliot) Leonhard is the owner of Sammy's and has been a local entrepreneur for over 20 years. He began with the Paris on the Poudre Coffee House in 1992 when he traded corporate life for his own business and continued with Elliot’s Martini Bar in 1997 where he traded cappuccinos for martinis. Sammy’s Breakfast Bar should help advance his new health plan. He needs travel and poker money. Other than that, Ron sees an opportunity to give back to the Fort Collins community that has served him well for so long. Some very good jobs and a cool subculture will be created.

Sammy's Breakfast Bar - Fort Collins, CO

4613 South Mason Street
Fort Collins, Colorado 80525